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New spiritual atmosphere of the end of 17th century created a new art style - baroque. Czech countries experienced giant boom of engineering works for several following decades. Architecture already stopped to be only functional residence of a nobleman and had to express his power and social status. Under leading of prominent architects Johan Bernhard Fisher from Erlach, Jacob von Hildebrandt, Octavio Broggio, Giovanni Battista Alliprandi and Maxmilian Kanka arose jewels of baroque architecture. The top of the baroque creation represent works of Krystof Dienzenhofer, Jan Blazej Santini and Kilian Ignac Dienzenhofer, which didn't have any analogy in whole European art of that time.

Highlights of the tour: Prague · Kutna Hora · Kuks · Lednice · Litomysl · Valtice

chateau Valtice
  Chateau Valtice  
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