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  May 9
June 13
July 25
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The Czech Republic - small country in the heart of Europe becames famous for bikers from all over world. Some of very popular biking trails follow old trade trails. A small country that faced nomadic raiders from the east in the past and where rich culture flourished in the meantime. It is the land of gently rolling hills with fruitful lowland, roads lined with tree alleys and roadside flowers, medieval fishponds, twisting rivers and forests interwoven by footpaths and trails leading below tree canopies to the villages with Baroque churches and orchards. You may meet impressive and historical treasures dispersed from capital Prague through small medieval towns. Romantic chateaus to solitary field crosses and statues that stand lonely in the countryside imploring God for an intercession. Experience places where time has stood still for centuries and local folklore is still alive, and taste wines and beers introduced by Czech king Charles seven hundred years ago.

Buchlovice region
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