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Day 1
Fly to Prague. Transfer to hotel and then head in to Prague to explore. Clients making their own travel arrangements will meet us at the hotel in the evening. Hotel Welcome dinner.

Day 2
A quick transfer (100km) takes us out of the busy streets of Prague and south to the town on Pisek. Here we climb on to the bikes and begin our cycling through the central European landscape. Along the way we pass beatiful village of Holasovice, where you can enjoy rural barogue architecture. The village is on a list of UNESCO world heritage. Continuing south, the day's ride finishes on the banks of the Vltava river in the wonderful old town of Cesky Krumlov, another UNESCO protected area, with its impressive castle and well preserved medieval town centre. Riding distance approx. 70km.

Day 3
We ride from the hotel, continuing through the southern Bohemian countryside to the beautiful Renaissance town of Trebon, located in a region of oak woods, meadows and large lakes. The international importance of the fishponds and lakes of this area is acknowledged by its status as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. This is also the town of one of the oldest Czech breweries, Regent. Many of the fishponds date from the 15th and 16th centuries, and we will cycle around them. Ride approx. 50km.

Day 4
>From Trebon we head eastwards out of Bohemia and into neighbouring Moravia. Moving away from the carp-rearing Trebonsko area of the previous day, the landscape becomes more rolling. Our target today is Telc. This town boasts a wonderfully-preserved square with Renaissance gabels and sgraffitto facades. The medieval town square was destroyed by a great fire in 1530, but it was rebuilt, and its houses, in the Renaissance and Baroque styles, survive to this day and since 1950 have undergone careful restoration. Ride approx. 50km.

Day 5
We are now heading towards the boarder with Austria. This region and the area around the River Dyje has seen shifting fortunes: in earlier centuries it looked south to Vienna, but with the forced removal of the Germanic population after the Second World War and then the establishment of the Iron Curtain to form one of the most tightly guarded borders in Europe, it became a poor, quiet backwater. Passing through Rennaisance town Slavonice, through mostly wooded, hilly country, castle pass by as we ride to Vranov nad Dyji. The castle belong to gems of Czech baroque architecture. Ride approx. 70km.

Day 6
In the morning it should be possible to take an optional guided tour of the castle before setting off. The road rises out of town, and after a while it is possible to visit a short stretch of the Iron Curtain - the barbed wire and watch-tower are a potent symbol of a recent and very different time. A mix of dirt road and broken tarmac leads us through the forest, and there is a rocky descent after lunch. In Jaroslavice there is an opportunity to load up in the support vehicle, but it is worth pressing on, following forest tracks built originally for troops guarding the border. We are on the way to the old town of Mikulov, on the edge of the limestone Pavlovske vrchy hills. The town sits under its large castle, destroyed by the Germans and rebuilt in the 1950's, and now home to the town museum. In the surrounding countryside the emphasis is on vineyards and wine production. Ride approx. 60km to Jaroslavice, approx. 95km to Mikulov.

Day 7
Across the border and into Austria the landscape remains similar to yesterday's but the character of the towns and people changes as we head into more Germanic lands. The roads today are busier, highlighting the different rates of development that Austria and the Czech Republic have experienced. We transfer into the city of Vienna, a cultural gem in the heart of Europe. Ride approx. 45Km .

Day 8
Free time to explore Vienna

Day 9
Along Danube to capital of Slovakia Bratislava. Almost all day riding trough national park Donau-Marchauen with beatiful views to meadows with orchids. You can spot sometimes flying kingfishers, herons or different species of wild ducks. Late afternoon walk in historical centre of the town. Ride approx.70km to Bratislava.

Day 10
After couple of km we cross Slovakia - Hungary border. For lunch we can stop in Mosonmagyaróvár. Hungarian town known from 1th century as roman fortress Arx Flexum. Later road going back to Danube and finish in Györ. Town is also known as Raab. In the end of 16th century experienced one of the most important battle of christian armies with Turks. Ride approx. 90 km.

Day 11
Today first stop could be in small town Bábolna, ones famous place to get racing horses. Especially in the beginning of 19th century the place was sought-after by all european horsemans. We finish in the town Tata with beatiful medieval castle surrounded by water chanels, which crossed each other in many places of the town. Ride approx. 60km.

Day 12
Today it will be „mountain lap". Road is going across Gerecse hills (peak Gerecse 634 m n.m.). You will enjoy several beatiful views on Donau. We will be invited by Esztergom. Old city with rich history dated back to 9th century. Sometimes its named as hungarian Rome for number of beatiful churches. Later visit the town. Ride approx. 50km.

Day 13
Again on the bank of Danube river. Our bicycle path will lead us to old castle Visegrád originated in 11th century. Hungarian kings often looked for safety here. Much later the place was choosen by east european politicians who sign here an cooperation contract, which formed east european policy for last decade of twentieth century. Via several other old towns we approach capital of Hungary Budapest.

Day 14
Free day to explore city or transfer to airport and return home.