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 price: 1290 EUR
 days: 10
 grade: strenuous
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Krkonoše mountains(Giant mountains) are the highest mountains of Czech Republic. On their ridges you can find a lot of rare flower species from alpine zone. Big mountains on the north were good protection for the country border in the past and it attract visitors from lowlands for centuries. First people were searching here for silver and other scarce metals. Results of the old mining work are still visible here. Later new wave of colonization brought special mountain way of agricultural management and cattle-breeding became main source of income for people living in those mountains. It gave the mountains their shapes with large flowering meadows changing spruce forests and plenty of beautiful remote mountain huts. Whole area is now protected as national park. Giant mountains offer wide range of tracks with different grading. All nights we stay in three stars hotel in Spindleruv Mlyn.

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