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Our offer of photographic tours is amateur and professional photographers. Atypus photosafaris have been designed by and for photographers. All Atypus photo tours have been researched and prepared down to the smallest details. The offer consists of trips for small groups or for individuals (or couples). Strict limits were placed on the size of all groups to guarantee that tour leaders were able to devote ample time to everyone. Each tour is led by outstanding photographer with a wealth of information to share and deep knowledge of the area. Some of special tours are also accompanied by local guide. For admirers of plants and flowers, we offer the botanical programmes which will bring us to the richest plant localities including the orchid meadows, great numbers of Alpine flowers and europen Wildflowers. For more details visit our section of botanical tours. It is possible to combine this programme with visits to places abundant in animal and insect wildlife.
  Ride of King, Vlcnov, Moravia