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Day 1
Arrival to Kosice airport and transfer to Stara Lesna. Meeting with all the instructors and guides.

Day 2
Childrens program: Climbing school in Tatranska Kotlina, pique-nique on the open fire and in the afternoon short walk in the forest. Easy trekking group: Walk from Strbske Pleso to Popradske Pleso. This easy walk will let us to visit the two nicest lakes of the High Tatras. Near the Popradske pleso we will visit also Symbolical Cemetery, the memorial place of all the victims of our mountains. Intermediate trekking group: Walk from Strbske Pleso to Mlynicka dolina, up the cascade called Skok. We will reach the saddle Bystre and return back to Strbske Pleso by Furkotska dolina. 6 hours walk, in the saddle the way is equipped by the iron chains (to help the tourists). This is the walk famous for beatuful lakes, the trail passes around 6 mountainlakes. Difficult trekking group: To get to know the Tatras and the trail, we will start the first day with the intermediate group.

Day 3
Children: This day is dedicated to the rides: in the morning we will ride the bicycles and after lunch we will ride the horses. Easy trekking group: Walk from Tatranska Polianka to the chalet Sliezsky dom, then descent to Hrebienok and Stary Smokovec. This walk will guide us to the nice valley called Velicka dolina, where we will find the chalet next to the lake and cascade. After lunch on this nice place we will continue going slowly dowhill to Hrebienok. The second part of the walk offer nice panoramic views on the hills and valleys under the High Tatras. Intermediate group: Rysy, the highest peak of Poland. This is the best known trip of the Tatras. We will start at Strbske pleso, the trail will lead us around Popradske Pleso higher to the valley of the Frogs (Zabia dolina) and its lakes. From this valley we will continue to the top of the border peak Rysy. The way back the same way. Difficult group. Vysoká – the dominant peak of the panorama of the western part of the High Tatras. The wonderful view point from hich you can observe all the valleys of this part of our mountains. Difficult trekking, you will be guided by a mountain guide.

Day 4
Children and easy trekking group: We will spend this day together. We will start in Tatranska Lomnica. We will get by a cable car to the third highest peak of the High Tatas – Lomnicky stit. We will descent by the cable car back to the half way, Skalnate pleso. After lunch at the chalet, we will slowly follow the river and its waterfalls to finish our walk in Tatranska Lesna. Intermediate group: Preicne sedlo. The saddle Priecne sedlo joins two neighbouring „twin“ valleys that are called Mala Studena dolina and Velka Studena dolina. These two valleys are famous for wonderfull panoramas and lakes, there are altogether 28 lakes in these two valleys. This saddle is the most difficult tourist trail open to all the tourists. Before reaching the saddle we have to pass the passege of iron chains that is approximately 200 metres long. The chains will help us to climb up and also descebd back to the valley Velka Studena Dolina. Difficult group: Lomnicky Stit – while the chldren will reach the top by the cable car, we will climb under them in the south wall of Lomnicky stit the normal way to the summit of this pointed mountain.

Day 5
Day off – we will look around the region under the Tatras and visit some monuments. Or you can choose completely individual program for this day.
Day 6
Children: Cave and AQUAPARK. We will make a one day trip tp the neighbouring region called Liptov. In the morning we will visit the largest limestone cave of Slovakia – Demänovska jaskyna slobody. After lunch in Liptovsky Mikulas we will spend the afternoon in Aquapark near the town, famous for lots of tobogans and termal water. Easy trekking group: Belianska cave and chlet Edelweiss. Today we will visit the eastern part of the Tatras called Tatras Belianske. In the morning we will visit the cave with the same name and after lunch we will make a walk to the valley of Seven springs where sstands the chalet called Edelweiss. Intermediate group: Bielovodska dolina, Sliezsky dom. We will go up by the valley called Bielovodska dolina, the longest valley of the High Tatras. It is one of the north valleys that offer the views of our mountains from the other side. We will see again the peak of Rysy and we will pass around nice lakes we saw from its top few days ago. After reaching the saddle called Polsky hreben we will descend to the chalet Sliezsy dom and down to Tatranska Polianka. Difficult group: Gerlach. We will climb the highest peak of Tatras, all Slovakia and all Carpathian mountains- Gerlach. We will follow the mountain guide.

Day 7
Last day we will stay all together. We will walk up by long valley called Javorova dolina to reach the most eatern saddle of the High Tatras called Kopske sedlo. Then we will descend to the valley of white lake and later to the magic valley of the Green lake.

Day 8
Tranfer to the airport and homeward flight.

If tour is run in a reverse way or if it starts and concludes in Vienna, we can add two extra days in Slovakia. We can visit beautiful limestone hills and traditional villages of Mala Fatra mountains, limestone gorges and castle ruins in the river Vah valley, or wooded Low Carpathians with its castles and ruins near the Slovak capital. Accommodation in a hotel near Trencin castle - one of the best preserved castles in Slovakia and northernmost place reached by old Romans in Central Europe.