Katarina lives in Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia. Though originally she comes from Bratislava, the area of small hills and lowlands, soon she started to discover pleasure of walking and trekking in bigger Slovak mountains, such as High and Low Tatras, Slovak Paradise, Mala and Velka Fatra , etc. Later this hobby has turned into guiding and mountain tour leading. She spent some time in England, studying English and Spanish and travelling. Back in Slovakia she has worked for several British and English companies, guiding groups in Slovak mountains. She also worked for Israeli, Polish, Dutch companies taking groups round cultural sights of Slovakia. She is pretty good expert of Slovak folk music, dances, culture and she is always keen to share her knowledge with clients. She has been working for Atypus since 1996.

Bohus Murin is the foremost Slovak ornithologist. He spent whole his life exploring forests in the north of Slovakia. His knowledge of local bird species is far beyond that of any other ornithologist active in his area. Results of his lifelong work havenīt been published yet but on the contrary he owns the biggest bird library in Slovakia. Bohus is also experienced as a guide. He has recently accompanied for example David Attenborough, Ornitholidays, Naturetrek, Sunbird, Limosa or Birdquest groups. He is not only friendly and very patient but in the same time is able to listen to all bird voices - and sort out and track down the best species. We never failed to see Wallcreeper with him and range of other birds he can offer is no less fascinating. Bohus is 43 and speaks good English.

Jana Kovacova grew up and spent most of her life in High Tatras region. She studied History of art and Culture in Trnava University and got a Master degree in Medieval Studies at Central European University in Budapest. She work as a turist guide and interpreter since 2003. Fluently speaks English and French (for connoisseurs also Latin). Jana is keen mountain-climber and naturalist, member of IAMES - Slovak Association of Climbers. She has deep knowledges of Slovak history and Culture, which important part is music - one of Janaīs hobbies.

Jiri Mewald comes from northern part of Czech republic - Giant mountains region. He graduated in 1991 in Ecology of Forest and took part in nature conservation project in Krkonose national park. Later he studied History of Art at Masaryk University in Brno. Co-founder of Czech expedition society, which organized expeditions to Madagascar, Mexico and Morroco. He publishes articles in magazines, had a film running on Czech TV. Ethnography began one of his hobbies except others like everything concerning nature conservation and also ski and mountainbike.

After degree from ecology on Mendel University at Brno, he spent some time with travelling. Later he started to work as a mountain tour leader. He guided number of groups with different interest within central Europe. Co-founder and manager of Czech Expedition Society, he travelled and photographed in Mexico, Thailand, Bulgaria and Madagascar. He has arranged the first photo exhibition of Czechs in Royal Geographical Society. When he is not leading groups, he is hiking with his daughter. Keen phographer, diver and biker.