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Bohemia is said to be the heart of Europe and the region where Western and the Eastern influences have clashed and are still. It is also a region which due to its position, enjoyed rich cultural past in which music has always played a very important role. A lot of the world's best WORKS were written and became famous here. Many outstanding composers came here to breathe Bohemia's atmosphere.The city of Prague is associated with names such as Berlioz, Cajkovsky, Gluck, Mozart, Paganini etc. The Czech spa town attracted composers as Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and many others.They were deeply impressed by these towns. They composed and gave concerts here. The talents and abilities of our ancestors have created many varieties of folk music, the range and completies of which are exceptional for a small country. The composers Bedrich Smetana and Antonin Dvorak were inspired by Czech folk songs, but Leos Janacek had his own musical language and Bohuslav Martinu's dreaming and longing for home served as the basis for his works.

Jan Mach in Rudolfinum during general audition
  Jan Mach in Prague music hall "Rudolfinum" during general audition