cultural tours

Program will be prepared with you to suit to your ideas as much as possible.

Designed for those interested in photographing landscapes and traditional, old-fashioned villages. ETHNOGRAPHIC-PHOTO TOUR will show you places where natural beauty is combined with the old way of life. We will also see villages in Eastern Slovakia that became a model for the famous book "GYPSIES" by the well-know Czech photographer - Josef Koudelka (a member of Magnum agency). There are great variety of local folklore celebrations in each village of Moravian district of Slovacko called HODY which offers great opportunity for photo tours for most of the year.

These photo tours are arranged for clients who prefer an individual approach and offers a look into the unknown world of rare animal species, for example RED DEER, "White deer" (the world's biggest herd), WILD CAT, LYNX, EUROPEAN WOLF, OTTER, EUROPEAN BISON, BROWN BEAR, MARMOT, CHAMOIS, ...For more details visit our wildlife tour section. Special programmes focused on birds include for ex. WOODPECKERS, OWLS, EAGLES, CAPERCAILLIES, WOOPECKERS, ...For more details visit our birdwatching tour section. These trips are arranged for 1 or 2-person (possibly 3-person) groups that are led by an experienced guide with perfect knowledge of local surroundings photographic leader. Because these areas are mostly off the beaten track, we can not promise a high standard of accommodation. But this slight disadvantage will be fully rewarded by the unique surroundings.