In 18 years history ATYPUS® Travel has designed and organized number of successful trips and holidays for many clients from different countries. We also organized trips for travel companies and organizations such as:
and we have operates many successfull trips and holidays directly.
Here are just a few letter from our previous clients photographs :

From: John Young
To: Borek Seehak
Sent: Friday, January 03, 2003 9:33 PM
Subject: Trip to Slovakia with High Places

Quick note to express our appreciation of our walking holiday last summer organised through you by High Places. The accommodation and food was excellent and well chosen. The walks were very stretching and just what we were looking for. Katarina Branicova was an excellent guide and good company. She looked after us with a kind and personal touch which everybody on the trip appreciated greatly. We would recommend her to you as a leader of future trips in the mountains. All the best

John Young

From: karyn mashima
To: atypus
Sent: Thursday, September 26, 2002 3:30 PM
Subject: Thank You!

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you so very much for the wonderful hiking/castle tour of the Czech Republic that you organized for us this month. I've just returned home with terrific memories and a broadened perspective. Jiri was so very knowledgeable in all areas: the country, history, architecture of the castles, châteaux's, gardens... He was also very flexible regarding the activities of every day. He carefully blended the hiking with the sightseeing - always being mindful of the weather. We saw and learned so much that I felt like I'd been on vacation for a month. And it was so very enjoyable! The accommodations were perfect. It's clear that all of the lodging was carefully selected. The rooms were all very comfortable and clean with accommodating staffs. Especially in Prague! What an absolute treat it was. And the location was perfect! (The Hotel in Vienna was quite special as well.) The trip far exceeded my expectations. I couldn't more highly recommend Atypus and the Czech Republic as a destination. I'll definitely be returning as it's clear that there is still so much more to see. When I do, I'll be contacting you once again. My sincere thanks!


You were an excellent guide and, of course, a great guy. Thank you so much for all the thought and care you put into our trip. I really appreciated it and I know all the others did too. You must promise that if you ever come to Australia, you must come to Tasmania. Hope your group that you had after us was a bit less talkative and that you had some peace and quiet.

All the best,

To: Borek
Sent: Friday, June 07, 2002 1:55 PM
Subject: Thank You Borek!

Hi Borek,
I apologize for not saying a proper goodbye on Wednesday. Once in a while I get those migraine headaches and just need to take strong medicine. I hope Paul told you how much we enjoyed the trip. We got to see the country in a way most tourists do not. The walks were wonderful. I don't know how you always spotted the lizards, birds, rare flowers, etc.! I am so glad we found Atypus tours. The Domus Henrici is very, very nice. The room is comfortable with "Arts and Crafts" style furniture. Large, well-appointed bathroom. Extensive breakfast buffet. And in a quiet area of Prague - nice after a long day of sightseeing! Marcela gave us an excellent tour yesterday. I would definitely recommend her to your other customers. Thanks again for everything!
And if you're ever in Washington, please look us up!
Best wishes,

From: Robyn Singleton
Sent: Tuesday, July 09, 2002 10:31 PM
Subject: Re: Czech tour

Hi Borek
Yes, we had a great time and the tour was very good. It was a shame it was SO hot but we still really enjoyed the biking and the hotels were all really great, as was the itinerary you put togather. Jerri and Lubo were also both very good and made sure we were happy and well looked after. I will send you an email from the infohub people that I think you should read when I get organised as Ive just got back today. Thank you very much for organising such a great trip. Your country is fantastic, we really loved the beautiful old towns we saw and the whole trip worked very smoothly and well. Ill write later with the other email


From: Tina Stephens
To: atypus
Sent: Wednesday, October 09, 2002 4:36 AM
Subject: FW: Trekkin in High Tatras

Hi Borek Well we are finally home and back into work and the real world with a vengence. The remainder of our journey as in Vienna and Budapest were also beautiful. I must again thank you for the fantastic job you did with this trip. From my point of view, as the organiser from this end, having everything so well planned on our arrival and of course throughout the trek, had made my enjoyment greater. I know it must have been very hard for you coping with what at times was a very noisy and loud group of women so thanks heaps for putting up with us so well.

To whom it may concern
In June 1998, Borek Seehak organised and guided a botanical tour for eighteen British clients to the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It was in fact the best organised tour we had been on. The coach was always on time and the driver selected by Borek Seehak was very pleasant and helpful. The four botanical guides whom he had vetted and arranged to take us to their specialist sites were very knowledgeable and showed that his judgement of what we required was excellent. All the hotels he had booked were well-run and had been checked by him. He was always available, and because of his excellent english was able to negotiate any requests that we had. He didn't intrude on the botanical expertise of his guides but was always there to translate when necessary. With his knowledge of reptiles, amphibians and birds he was able to add extra interest to our botanical tour. He was courteous and friendly, and mixed well with our group. Without his superb organisational skills we couldn't have enjoyed such an excellent tour. As a botanical leader or over fifty tours in Europe, I would recommend him with great enthusiasm to all who would wish to do a Natural History tour in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Dr.K.C.Allen BSc. PN).
Formerly Senior Lecturer in Botany
The university of Bristol, United Kingdom.

Flat Three
8 Bath Street
Tel:0244 310577 Home 0244 375444 Ext. 2415 Work
To Whom It May Concern,

I have no reservations in recommending the work of Mr. Borek Seehak and the services of the ATYPUS travel company.
In my capacity as a Trek Leader for Exodus Expeditions I had the pleasure of working with Mr. Seehak in the Czech and Slovak republics over a two and a half month period in 1993. At that time he was working in co-operation with another travel company and was personally responsible for the design and organization of the trek which we undertook. He was the guide on three of the four treks which I led and his local knowledge of the area along with his professional skills in botany, forestry and ornithology were invaluable in ensuring the success of all the treks. He took a personal interest in the needs of the group and made many friends amongst the trekkers. From a personal point of view I was impressed by his honesty and integrity and by his ability to impart a flavour of the life and customs of the Czech and Slovak republics. My correspondence with ATYPUS travel company has always met. With a speedy and efficient response and the companies commitment to reinvest some of their profits in worthwhile projects is reassuring to see. Both the Czech and Slovak republics have a lot to offer the visitor but the tourist industry is still evolving to meet the new demands. Having worked there for a short period of time I can only stress the need to establish reliable contacts with local companies such as ATYPUS. I can personally vouch far the experience and abilities of Mr. Borek Seehak.

Yours Faithfully,
Diane Spivey

Mr. Borek Seehak ATYPUS Ltd., Travel Co.
P.O. Box 190 601 00 Brno , Czech Republic

Dear Borek,
It is with great pleasure that I report we all enjoyed our trip with you to see wildflowers in the Czech and Slovak Republics the first two weeks of June. The trip was well planned as we journeyed east from Lednice to Revuca, and on to ,Starý Smokovec in the High Tatras , before once again heading west via Uherske Hradiste and Brno (and finally to Praha). I lead many wildflower trips for various groups , principally here in Ohio,Kentucky, West Virginia, and Michigan,and I must commend you on Finding such knowledgable guides for our excursions in each area. They knew not only the common species but also the rare ones and more- over, and most important, where find them. One of the big surprises of our trip was the number of chateaus and / or small castles which we saw. The Lichteinstein castle at Lednice is a case in point since we had ample opportunity to examine it rather thoroughly. What a magnificent place! I can't understand why it is not actively promoted as a top attraction of the area. We (the Cincinnati Wildflower Preservation Society members who made the trip) extend our thanks to you for making our trip a success.If we can help your efforts to show to others the natural beauties of these two countries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Victor G. Soukup
Pres. Ohio Native Plant Soc.

5017 Cooper Road
Montgomery, Ohio 45242
Phone: 513-793-5522
FAX: 513-793-9304
31 July 1997
Atypus, Ltd.
Attn; Mr. Borek Seehak
P.O. Box 190,601 00
Brno, Czech Republic

Dear Borek,
I want to thank your for a wonderful trip to The Czech Republic and Slovakia. They are beautiful countries and the people were very friendly, even though we didn't always speak the same language. The guides you provided for our group were extremely knowledgeable about the plants and locations as to where to go to find everything. Franta was an expert driver - and it was nice having so much room on the bus. And last, but not least - you are a great leader accommodating everyone and always with a smile. Accommadtions were excellent and food delicious. I enjoyed the native dishes particually.
The whole group really enjoyed the trip and your expertise. Thank you for a wonderful and fruitful trip.

Becky Johnson, Apache Travel

Atypus Travel Company
P O BOX 190
601 00 BRNO
Czech Republic
Trekking holiday in the mountains of Slovakia, 3 - 16 September 1994
organized by High Places in Sheffield, England, and Atypus in Brno.

This was a group of twelve British walkers accompanied by travel writer Tim Burford, who works for High Places, a mountain travel company in Sheffield, England, and Borek Seehak of Atypus, a travel company in Brno. The group visited areas in the neighbourhood of the Chata Primula, near Zuberec; then the Chats Kpt. Moravka in the Mengusovska Dolina to the north of Strbske Pleso; and then the Hotel Geravy: near Dedinky and the Slovensky Raj, as well as the Hotel Panda, which I think is in Stary Smokovec. We climbed several mountains, Everybody climbed Rysy 2499m., and five people also climbed Gerlach, 2630m in the company of Tanap guide Vaclav Broz. Active days and easier days made a varied programme well suited to the wishes and abilities of the group. In addition to full days in the wilderness, there was a visit to Levoca, and a visit to the Dobsina Ice Cave. The weather, except for three days, was excellent. The principal guide was Borek Seehák who speaks quite good English and who was both a good leader and a friend. He took his responsibilities in the mountains very seriously and was always vigilant about safety and pace. In the chatas and hotels he made sure that everybody was well looked after and could obtain the meals -and drinks- that suited them. He was helpful, courteous and friendly at all times, and our group were very pleased by the standard of organization of the whole holiday. The bus that should have taken the group from the Chats Primula on the last day there did not arrive, and the telephones in the area did not work. There were glimpses of Borek on a bicycle speeding up and down the valley, and the crisis was solved, and another bus was organized. An excellent trekking holiday which everyone enjoyed.

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