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Spisska canonryCulture, traditions and art of Slovakia was strongly influenced by the different nationalities that lived on its territory. While the north-east is rich on wooden constructions built by Ruthens, region of Spis is rich on altarpieces with wooden statues and magnificent paintings inspired by German graphics and southern part, Gemer, is famous for rich frescoe decoration of the churches influenced by Italian art. This program will allow you to visit the ancient monuments of Slovakia.

7 days itinerary

Banska StiavnicaThe territory of Slovakia was for very long time included in Great Hungarian Kingdom and called Upper Hungary. When Budapest was taken by the Turks, this norther part stayed untouched. Thanks to it the former Upper Hungary is full of ancient monuments, couple of them was recognised as the UNESCO World Heritage. The monuments are the harmonic part of Slovak landscape, which is characterised by small hills, mountains and forests. We invite you to come and discover this small and picturesque country in the heart of Europe.

12 days itinerary

Wooden belfry in HronsekEastern part of Slovakia is rich on historical monuments and as well on the nature beauties. There are four national parks and half of the most precious monuments, couple of them is on the list of the UNESCO World Heritage. Our program will lead you around the nicest places of Eastern Slovakia.

10 days itinerary