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Day 1
Arrival at Vienna (or Prague) airport. Transfer to Slovakia - Mala Fatra National Park - by comfortable coach, sleeper train or aeroplane.
Day 2
This walk is especially enjoyable for people who like to observe wildlife. The walk from Stefanova village via Boboty to the Tiesnavy Natural Reserve (well-known for its beautiful scenery of torrents and rocks, some of the most peculiar of which are called the Camel and the Monk). It is not too long and ideal for the first day.
Day 3
We set off on a walk from Stefanova to Medziholie saddle. This walk goes through the beautiful Horne Diery gorge, then along a footpath to the most impressive peaks of the area - Little Rozsutec (1343m) and Big Rozsutec (1610m). These peaks offer probably the most exciting views in the Mala Fatra area. During the walk we can see many interesting flowers because both hills are formed of limestone rock which attracts very special flora. Then we go on down through a natural reserve to the White Brook.
Day 4
We walk from the village via Medziholie to Stoh (1608m). From there we follow a ridgepath to Poludnovy Grun, to Chleb and the highest peak of this area - Big Krivan (1709m). Along the way we can see many local animals and plants (eg Lesser-spotted Eagle, Wallcreeper, or even Brown Bear, etc.). There is a photogenic view on both sides. Then from Big Krivan we walk via the Snilkovske saddle and the Vratna chalet to Stefanova. ACCOMMODATION FOR DAYS 1 - 4: comfortable mountain pension in Stefanova. This village with well preserved traditional wooden architecture is the best base for walking.
Day 5

The tour may go on to less visited mountains of Slovakia, the western Tatras or Rohace along the Slovak-Polish border, and spend 3 days walking on their ridges over 2000m (6000ft) high.

Transfer to the central High Tatras. On the way we will stop in the Low Tatras area. Continuing to eastern Slovakia we may visit the beautiful medieval town of Levoca (one of the best preserved medieval towns of Slovakia) with its interesting history and a lot of impressive monuments. In the afternoon we may also visit the interesting museum of the High Tatras national park (the oldest one in former Czechoslovakia) and the open-air exhibition of local flora situated nearby.
Day 6
Using coach or local transport we go to the village of Zdiar (with lots of traditional wooden houses, where people still live) and walk up on a private route to the Siroke Saddle. This wide valley is full of Alpine flowers and chamois, and marmot and golden eagle are often seen here. Passing the highest point, Kopske Saddle (1780m a.s.l.), we then go down to the Chata pri Zelenom plese, one of the most beautifully situated chalets in the High Tatras)
Day 7
Todays walk takes us to some very scenic places. We follow the Tatranska Magistrala path to the Sliezsky dom hotel and walk through the area called Kvetnica (flower garden), known for its high density of Alpine flowers. If the weather allows we may continue to Polsky hreben and further to Vychodna Vysoka and back.
Day 8
After 40 minutes train journey to Strbske Pleso, we will start to walk via Popradske Lake. From there we continue via Frog lake to the highest hut in former Czechoslovakia, Rysy Hut (2291m), where draught beer is served, and over the Vaha Saddle, the top of Rysy Peak (2499m) lying just on the Slovak-Polish border. There's a short stretch of scrambling. The way down follows the same path, on the Slovak side.
Day 9
A day off with many opportunities for cultural excursions, a visit to a Gypsy village, or a visit to the limestone area of the Pieniny national park where white-water log rafting is traditionally arranged, Spisky Castle (one of the largest in Europe). There is also a chance to arrange a special guide for the highest peak of Slovak and Polish Tatras - Gerlachovsky peak (2655m). More details on request.
Day 10
We will take a funicular to Hrebienok and from there walk via the Zamkovskeho chalet through the Mala Studena valley to Teryho Hut (which recently celebrated its first hundred years). Later we continue to the Priecne Saddle (2352m) and down to Zbojnicka Chalet and through the Velka Studena valley back to Hrebienok.
Day 11
Today's hike starts from the ski resort of Strbske Pleso and takes us up to a valley of small mountain lakes and finally to Capie lake (2072m) and further to the Bystre saddle. A beautuful walk with many panoramic views. Accommodation in a small comfortable hotel in the centre of the High Tatras. This hotel is highly appreciated for its location and local cuisine specialities.
Day 12
Transfer to Prague for a few days of cultural excursions. The programme depends on clients' wishes. The tour may also finish in Vienna or Krakow.
There are many options for further day walks which depend on clients' wishes and how fit they are.
More information on cultural and folklore events on request.