Among all the best wine producers are the vintners from the Moravian wine area which covers 1400 ha and is devided into three basic regions:
  • The Znojmo-Mikulov area
  • The Hustopece-Hodonin area
  • The Bzenec-Straznice area

Czech wine area - The most important parts of this area are:
  • The Melnik region, the largest in the Czech area and famous since the reign of Charles IV, and the Roudnice region.
  • The Most region - its importance lies in the planting of vineyards to reprocess the soil after overcultivation. The grape trees thrive well on these soils.

Slovak wine area - The wellknown of wine producing parts are:
  • Modra, Pezinok and surroundings
  • Tokaj area in East Slovakia

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